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Mu Cephei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
21 43 30.46, +58° 46′ 48.2″ Mu Cephei (μ Cep, μ Cephei), also known as Herschel's Garnet Star, is a red supergiant star in the constellation Cepheus.
Distance‎: ‎approx. 6,000 ly; (approx. 1,800 pc)
Proper motion (μ)‎: ‎RA: +5.24 mas/‎yr‎; De...
U−B color index‎: ‎+2.42
Absolute magnitude (MV)‎: ‎...

VV Cephei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
VV Cephei, also known as HD 208816, is an eclipsing binary star system located in the constellation Cepheus, approximately 5,000 light years from Earth.
Size - ‎Distance - ‎Temperature - ‎Notes

Seeing Red: Hunting Herschel's Garnet Star - Universe Today
Universe Today
Jul 16, 2013 - Mu Cephei, also known as Herschel's Garnet Star, is a ruddy gem in the constellation Cepheus near the Cygnus/Lacerta border. A variable star ...

Mu Cephei Deep Red Giant Star - Windows to the Universe
Windows to the Universe
What's in a Name: Known as the "Garnet Star" because of its deep red color - one of the most intensely colored stars ever recorded when viewed through a ...

Mu Cephei - Herschel's Garnet Star | Free Star Charts
In fact Mu Cephei is an extremely luminous red supergiant and one of the reddest of all known stars. The star may even be the largest star visible to the naked ..
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How to Align a Two-LNB Satellite Dish | eHow › Tech
Aligning a two-LNB satellite dish is a guess-and-check process that requires the ... This cable has three prongs-one red, one white and one yellow-at each end, ...

[PDF]Contents - MyDISH
A grounding-type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide .... To gain a better understanding of your DISH satellite receiver, look at the.

The 10 Worst Grounding Mistakes You'll Ever Make - EC&M
Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M) Ma...
Aug 1, 2008 - Another possibility is to replace the two-prong receptacle with a GFCI. ... Installation of a satellite dish, telephone, CATV, or other low-voltage ...

Power protection FAQ - Crutchfield › ... › Power Protection
Crutchfield Corporation
I only have a 2-prong outlet - can I use a power protection unit with a. ... If, for example, you have a dual-LNB satellite dish with two signal cables coming into ...

No more surge protectors allowed? - AT&T Community
Aug 21, 2012 - For years, Directv has disconnected my satellite cable line surge protector ... the diference between your satellite dish and your cable company, your dish ..... I'm also curious as to why audio equipment is a two prong vs. three.
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    Marie Curie
    Marie Skłodowska Curie, born Maria Salomea Skłodowska, was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. Wikipedia
    BornNovember 7, 1867, Warsaw, Poland
    SpousePierre Curie (m. 1895–1906)