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About RCBC — Ramsey Creek Baptist Church
... in 1816, with Elder Stephen Ruddell as the organizing minister and first pastor. Mr. Ruddell was taken prisoner by the Indians in their attack on Ruddell Station ...

Ramsey Creek Baptist Church
Ramsey Creek Baptist Church. 20389 Missouri W. Clarksville, MO, 63336. 573-242-3261. glorifying God and making disciples of Jesus Christ. Your Custom Text ...
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Ramsey Creek Baptist Church - Clarksville, Missouri
Ramsey Creek Baptist Church ... The 1900's began with Ramsey Creek showing support for new church ... In 1816, Stephen Ruddell, came West from. Kentucky ...

Stephen Ruddell - WorldConnect Project Inc.
Aug 7, 2016 - STEPHEN WAS CAPTURED BY INDIANS AT AGE 12 IN REV. ... Salt River Association - Ramsey Creek Church: ... McCune was a Baptist.

The History of Salt River Association, Missouri
Wiley Jones Patrick - 1909 - ‎Baptists
at Ramsey, and several having applied for membership, a dispute arose as to who should administer the ordinance of baptism, the Baptist Pastor or the 'New Light' preacher, and Mr. ... When Elder Peck visited Ramsey's Creek Church in 1818, Elder Ruddell ... The pastor was Stephen Ruddell the first time I attended church.

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