Wednesday, April 18, 2018

This is the principal of my kid's school...............................when my daughter was in the 6th grade...............

Darci Whitehead

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Hello Mr. Williams,
We will not send your password via email as Mrs. Sheloski emailed you and I did requesting an address so we can send it via certified mail. We realize you are homeless and living in a shelter please give us the address to this shelter.

I can assure you Adrianna is doing very well and is happy.

Mr. Williams, please read the responses we are sending you for this is what we can do.

Yes, you are on the emergency contact card for your daughter but we don't have an address or phone number.
Yes, we can send you a copy of your daughters report card. Mrs. Sheloski wrote she can send the login information please give us an address to do so. I am not removing the trespassing order.

Hope this helps,

Darci Whitehead
Principal of Mary G.Porter
Traditional School

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